Friday, 1 July 2016

New Sewer

A few weeks ago, for my birthday, my husband and my daughter bought me my first sewing machine.

I had wanted to try machine sewing for a long time and now was my chance!  The first obstacle was figuring out how to thread the machine up and this was closely followed by struggling with loading the bobbin.  Having overcome these minor challenges, I decided to seek advice on which projects would help me to get used to my machine, buy an easy beginners pattern and some fabric.  I made a lovely doorstop (which my husband thinks is odd) and my confidence began to grow.

I decide that the next step should be to try making items of clothing.  My mind was telling me that I would be able to rustle up a gorgeous garment in next to no time and it would rival the likes of YSL and Chanel! I began making a so-called "1-hour-make top" and just knew that I would have it cut out, sewn, finished to the highest standard, washed, pressed and hanging in my wardrobe by tea time.  This was NOT the case! It has taken me nearly a fortnight to get it to the stage I am at now and it is still giving me sleepless nights! Perhaps I should give up on this project and start on something else - after all I do believe that the instructions are completely wrong!

Keep smiling! Xx